Work Culture

Life at Shift

Did you know that about 10% of all insurance pay-outs are flowing directly into the pockets of fraudsters?

From opportunistic exaggerated claim statements to full-blown con-networks; scams of all shapes and sizes are costing the insurance industry several hundred billion dollars every year!  What that means for you and me?  More paperwork, longer processing, delayed payment, and ever-increasing premiums.

Cue: Shift Technology to the rescue!   

Our SaaS solution combines tailored statistical algorithms with sectoral expertise in an innovative decision-making platform that is overhauling the way insurers process claims and, most importantly, detect fraud.

Shift's forecast for 2017 is mostly sunny with a lot of growth, so if you're down to fight fraud we hereby cordially invite you to join the force!  And no, that is not just another gratuitous StarWars reference, our office is literally decked out in Death Star paraphernalia!  

Not a jedi junkie? No problem. You can otherwise 'get ur geek on' during our weekly GameCube sessions and late night OpenArena battles.

Do you like gif banter, free coffee, tea, beer, fruit, etc.?  So do we!  But more importantly; we have the pleasure of spending our days surrounded by exceptionally smart and highly motivated teammates.  

At Shift Technology we look for candidates with a penchant for tackling the toughest of technical challenges and who don't shy away from big responsibilities or high impact projects.  We hire humble people who can lead just as well as they can follow; and we value intellectually curious colleagues who are ready to learn, as well as to teach.

While we champion flexible working hours and hard-earned vacation, that is not to say there are no sleepless, stressful nights.  And yes, we do value your comfort and individuality, however, there will be days where you will have to dust off your suit and tie.

Caveats aside, if you are ready to join the best-in-class team that originally introduced SaaS to the world of insurance, and is pioneering the most sophisticated AI research in the industry, we would love to have you on board!