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Shift Technology has been changing the (insurance claims) game since 2014.  

Since opening our doors we've raised $40M USD, signed contracts with over 45 insurers acr oss the world, been designated as one of the best SaaS firms in Europe and cited amongst the top 20 InsurTech firms globally!

We may still be a start-up, but the stakes are high.  Our technology is not to be confused with the myriad ephemeral apps littering today's cyberspace. Our clients are the world's biggest insurers, trusting us with their core business.  They expect professionalism and concrete results, and that is exactly what we provide.

Headquartered in Paris, with sister offices in Singapore, London, Madrid, Zurich, and Hong Kong, our team consists of 90 of the brightest developers, data scientists, and project managers in the business.

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